Jenny is stepping into drag for the first time with this glam look


On this episode of Dragged, host Thorgy Thor (@thorgythor) transforms contestant Jenny from punk to glam with a little makeup, and a lot of rhinestones!

When asked what inspired her to get a drag makeover, Jenny shares that her drag muse is very close to home. “I have a roommate who is a drag queen,” she explains. “I see him getting ready every weekend. I’ve never done a glamorous high-femme look like that, and as time has gone by, I’ve wanted to do it more and more.”

Thorgy accepts the challenge of helping Jenny find her glamorous side. “Glam it up, change it up,” says the host enthusiastically. “This is what drag is all about.”

When asked about what the messiest part about living with a drag queen is, Jenny doesn’t hesitate with her answer. “Wigs,” she says. “Wigs in the kitchen, wigs in our food, wigs on our couch, wigs are everywhere.”

From wigs to clothes, it’s off to the fashion closet with stylist Blue. Since Jenny’s used to more everyday outfits, Blue suggests to “sparkle up an everyday outfit.” She pulls a nude illusion sparkle dress with a matching belt and pairs it with a just-as-sparkly jacket for a head-to-toe rhinestone look.

“You can see this from 20 blocks away,” Thorgy says of the glittering dress.

Next up is the makeup chair with Elle LC, where we discover that the makeup artist is the aforementioned drag queen roommate! “Bring your daughter to work day,” Elle LC says of Jenny’s appearance on Dragged.

And since Jenny is Elle LC’s “drag daughter,” the group agrees that her drag name should evoke their family ties. So to keep it all in the family, Elle LC anoints Jenny with the drag name Trust Fund Baby.

“You sound like a spoiled brat,” says Thorgy.

“I am. Give everything to me right now,” replies Jenny. To which Thorgy declares, “You created a monster.”

When Jenny emerges as Trust Fund Baby, sporting a larger-than-life wig with her top to bottom sparkling outfit, the transformation couldn’t be more dramatic.

“I feel incredible,” says Jenny. “It really feels like a transformation. Like the second the hair went on [and] these rhinestones were on, I’m different.”

“The hair is about the size of your entire body,” remarks Thorgy.

“It weighs about half of me,” replies Jenny.

“Maybe you’re carrying another trust fund sister in there,” says Thorgy. Two drag queens for the price of one is certainly a Dragged first!

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