'Jeopardy!' Is In Jeopardy Over the Writers' Strike

'Jeopardy!' Is In Jeopardy Over the Writers' Strike

For today's daily double: This Jeopardy! host decided to cross the WGA writers strike picket line and tape new episodes of his trivia game show. Answer: Who Is Ken Jennings? Correct! The former champion will reportedly host the final episodes of both the Jeopardy! Masters tournament and the end of the 39th season. Meanwhile, his co-host Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory) has decided to join the strike in solidarity with the show's writers.

Neither Jennings nor Bialik have commented on their decisions, but former champion Wil Wheaton had some words for the host. "This is a VERY small town, Ken Jennings, and we will all remember this," he wrote on Facebook. "Our privilege may protect you right now, but we will *never* forget." Dang! Tell us how you really feel. "It’s like this," Wheaton continued. "Did you cross a picket line? If yes, you are a scab who turned your back on organized labor. If no, you’re a decent person who stands with your fellow workers."

Before you also scream at Jennings on social media, there are some caveats to add. According to Deadline, all the questions for the upcoming season were already written in advance of the strike. Jeopardy! was also set to go on a summer hiatus after this week—meaning there are only four episodes left. Still, Jeopardy! is a series written by WGA writers, and they clearly aren't pleased by Jennings's decision not to strike with them. The show's question masters—Michele Loud, Jim Rhine and Billy Wisse—have also all joined the strike. "Our words are on the screen every night," Loud told Variety last week. "There is no Jeopardy without writers. Without us it's just an empty blue screen."

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