Jeremy Corbyn trolls Theresa May during her first Facebook Live video

Jeremy Corbyn has hijacked Theresa May’s first ever Facebook Live video.

In a cunning piece of social media election strategy, the Labour leader trolled the Prime Minister by asking her a question online.

Mrs May was talking to ITV presenter Robert Peston in an interview being streamed on Facebook Live when Mr Corbyn posted his query.

He asked Mrs May why she refuses to engage in a live head-to-head TV debate.

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His question came from his official Facebook account, and it is unclear if it was posted by Mr Corbyn himself or by his social media team.

Mr Corbyn posted this to Mrs May (Picture: Facebook)

It read: ‘Hi Theresa May, as Prime Minister you have served your elite friends by giving them tax cuts while wages have stagnated, house-building is at is lowest since the 1920s, there are 20,000 fewer police on our streets since 2010 and the NHS is in crisis.

‘Do you not think the British people deserve to see us debate, live and on TV?’

Mrs May’s Facebook Live received more than 33,000 questions, but none of them jumped out quite like Mr Corbyn’s.

Earlier on Monday, Mrs May was confronted on the campaign trail by a woman who told her benefit cuts had left her with just £100 a month to live on.

Cathy Mohan, of Abingdon, Oxfordshire, told the prime minister she could not live on her reduced personal independence payment, saying: ‘I want my disability living allowance back.’

Mrs May said the government was focusing on ‘those most in need’.

But Mr Corbyn said Ms Mohan had confronted the PM with ‘the reality of the suffering her Government has caused’.