Jeroong Wia still misses home, despite the travel bug taking hold of him

Nor Amalina Alias

KOTA BARU: Having been bitten by the travel bug and having since completed journeys to 37 countries, solo traveler, Wan Irfayuim Azim Wan Abdul Aziz, 29 admits Malaysia is still the best and is always on his mind,

when he is away.

More well known as 'Jeroong Wia', the solo traveler began his full-time adventure in 2016 and said he was attracted by adventure stories from other travelers involving journeys to the United Kingdom by land instead of the usual means of flying there.

Determined to embark on a similar adventure, he quit his job and kicked-off his pioneering three-month trip to several countries including Thailand, Korea, Japan, China, Turkey and Russia.

"For my first adventure, I made travel preparations for a 45 day period but after I embarked on the journey, it stretched to a year, as it included some countries which I did not initially list,” he told NSTP at his home in Kampung Jambu, here, today.

Wan Irfayuim said the need to travel was deeply ingrained in him and he had wanted to understand the culture and the places he had traveled to. He has conveyed his experiences through his Facebook posting under the ‘Jeroong Wia’ handle.

"Although I had traveled quite a bit, but it is not as good as your homeland, which I miss terribly each time, I travel,” said Wan Irfayuim who well known among fellow travelers and travel enthuasist online.

Wan Irfayuim adds that in his travels, he prefers to use land transport such as trains, buses and bicycles to explore a place and to get acquainted with the locals more intimately.

The most unfortunate experience he ever encountered during his journey’s was being robbed and forced to live with the robbers for three days in Vladivostok, Russia.

He has since penned his travel adventures in book entitled – ‘Travelog Memoir Pengembara’, which also features stories from 19 other travelers.

Wan Irfayuim who married Noor Hafiz Fariha Saudi, 31, last Saturday, will next travel to Turkey and Korea from today (Sunday). © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd