Jerry Yan admits inability to express his feelings

24 Apr – Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan recently admitted that his inability to do well in his romantic relationship is somehow related to him being raised by a single parent.

As reported on ET Today, the actor, who opened up about his relationship failures on the Chinese reality show, "Trump Card" recently, shared that he is incapable of expressing his love, even with his own mother because of how he grew up.

"When my girlfriend asked for a breakup, I didn't even show any signs of grief," he said, admitting that he only released his emotions when he was with friends.

However, Jerry stated that he would like to change, and be more courageous when it comes to sharing his feelings with his loved ones.

"I want to experience that sense of joy of being in a passionate relationship. I will try harder, because it is not easy to maintain a long-term relationship," he said.

Jerry's most high-profile romance was with model-actress Lin Chi-ling. The couple dated for six years before they broke up in 2008 and were seen together again in Kuala Lumpur in November 2017 - sparking rumours of reconciliation.

However, a few months after the previous rendezvous, the model stated that the two of them were not together.

(Photo Source: ET Today)