Jerry Yan's mother approves of Lin Chi-ling

19 Nov – Even though both Lin Chi-ling and Jerry Yan are neither denying nor confirming that they are back together, it seems that the parents of both parties would be just as happy to welcome such reconciliation.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor's mother, who was approached by the media recently, confessed that she knew nothing about their meeting in Kuala Lumpur, although she was informed about her son's trip to Malaysia.

"I never expected that Lin Chi-ling was also there with him," she enthused.

Mrs. Yan said that she hopes the two of them would tie the knot as soon as possible since both of them are in their 40s and Jerry is an only son.

"I really hope to have grandchildren," she said.

In a previous interview, Lin's mother told the media that she would welcome Jerry back into their home with open arms, saying that the actor would always come to visit when he was dating her daughter.

(Photo Source: China Times)