Jesse Metcalfe defends love scenes

Jesse Metcalfe

Jesse Metcalfe insists any love scenes in Dallas will be “very justified”.

The actor portrays Christopher Ewing in the upcoming eagerly-anticipated reboot of the US TV show, while sees veterans Larry Hagman, Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy reprising their original roles.

Jesse remains best known for playing Desperate Housewives gardener John Rowland, who famously had an affair with Eva Longoria’s character Gabrielle Solis when he was still a student. He was regularly seen showing off his impressive chest in that show, but doesn’t know if he will disrobe in Dallas. If it’s in the script he’s happy to strip though, as he trusts the writers.

“All the love scenes are very much a part of the story, they are very justified,” he laughed.

John is looking forward to seeing how Dallas goes down with fans. It was such an iconic show when it launched he hopes they are able to live up to expectations.

“It feels amazing, it’s really exciting to be part of such an iconic show. You really get an opportunity to be part of a television phenomenon again,” he told UK TV show Loose Women.

“Of course I saw it, but I was born the year the show premiered so I wasn’t an avid watcher of the show – in ’78.

“The great thing about the show is that it’s not a remake. This is a continuation of the original show some years later. I think that is why it works. It’s a really gripping family drama, very well written and I hope you think well-acted.”

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