Jessica Hsuan breaks up with boyfriend

Jessica Hsuan breaks up with boyfriend

2 Aug – Hong Kong actress Jessica Hsuan recently revealed that she has broken up with boyfriend Ruan Bester, a South African veterinarian, after two years of relationship, according to reports by Channel News Asia website.

The same source notes that it was a surprise as the pair was spotted attending a concert together two weeks ago.

The actress had previously indicated on numerous occasions that Bester could be "the one" and would want to marry him soon, but unfortunately things did not go the way they want it to be.

"Breaking up is no big deal. Realising you can't stand being together after getting married is a big deal."

"The problems have accumulated between us for a long time and we tried to save it. In the end, [we] felt that it wouldn't work so breaking up was the only thing to do."

"I have used two years to observe things but discovered that our values are different. Since they are different, [we] cannot be together," Hsuan said of her relationship with Bester.

"There is definitely unhappiness. We're adults. The break up is not a bolt from the blue. We are still friends."

Hsuan added that she was in no hurry to start dating again.

"Relationships should be left to fate. I have already left it up to Heaven to decide. If it comes, it comes," Hsuan told reporters.

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