Jessica Ramella Lives Up To ‘Lady MacGyver’ Nickname

ONE Championship
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Jessica Ramella came to The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition taking pride of her reputation, one that has led to some calling her as “Lady MacGyver” for her knack to be a problem-solver.

And it didn’t take the Venezuelan globetrotter long to show how deserving she is of that label.

Ramella didn’t need to be named as the project manager to make her imprint for Team Valor, showcasing her impeccable leadership skills.

With appointed leader Clinton Tudor seemingly overwhelmed with the deluge of ideas in the first business challenge where teams were tasked to curate a

“ONE at Home” essentials kit, it was Ramella who stepped up to the plate and kept the gears going for her side, acting as the reliable bridge between the leader and the rest of the team.

“I’m like the project manager of the project manager,” she said in jest after being entrusted the role as the co-lead for Team Valor.

Ramella, though, is no stranger to handling these obstacles.

Ever since she was a child, all she knew was to adapt to her environments as her family moved from Caracas to Margarita Island. The change of scenery turned out to be a stroke of genius as she turned from a troublesome kid to a straight-A student.

It continued as she grew up, studying in the United States, attending a University in London, until her leap of faith to Asia, working her way up to a sales director job for a software firm.

That’s why count on Ramella to find ways to thrive no matter how many humps are on her way — a fact that rung true in episode one.

Not even being relegated as the supporting speaker during the pitch could not dim her spotlight as she delivered an engaging monologue focused on the food and beverage part of the team’s “ONE for All” business proposal.

“We have put together a multi-sensory experience, allowing to bring every area of the fight night arena straight to your home. In order to deliver this as partner with three different restaurants: Wolf Burgers, Bobby’s Tacos, and Sawadee,” she said, giving the fans more options when it comes to their food after a solid collection of ONE Championship care package which included tickets, a water bottle, a sports towel, and a ONE Championship exclusive t-shirt.

“The price on a box is SGD 139.90, making sure that we price it in a premium way that it’s still accessible.”

Ramella knew that her part of the pitch wasn’t the most appealing but she knew better to make the most of the situation as she hammered home the idea of “elevating an experience and deepening [ONE Championship] fandoms.”

“This part of the pitch isn’t particularly sexy, so I know that I need to do a killer job of delivering it,” she said, putting pressure on herself to impress ONE chairman and CEO Chatri Sityodtong and ONE Senior Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy Niharika Singh of her part.

Ramella finished her speech strong, applauding the collective effort of Team Valor in this “ONE for All” proposal.

“Everything that we’re seeing here today, would have not been possible if it wasn’t for the hard work of each and every one of the members of his team, which shows us that the message “ONE for All” is alive in this room today more than ever,” she said.

Her teammates were blown away, to say the least.

“Jessica blew me away. She just is the perfect person to really finish out this presentation strong,” remarked Monica Millington.

Sityodtong also felt the same way, believing that it would have been the better choice to let Ramella take care of the presentation than having Tudor beside her.

“Why did you decide to speak, versus her or anyone else in the team?,” the host asked Tudor, who read his part through his phone.

Even Singh pointed out that it was Ramella who acted more as the project manager for this business challenge.

Still, Ramella’s contributions were the key as Team Valor came out victorious in episode one of this high-stakes game of business competitions and physical challenges — all for the prize of a US$250,000 job offer to work as ONE chairman and CEO Chatri Sityodtong’s protégé at the ONE Championship Global Headquarters in Singapore for a year.

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