Jessy Mendiola admits breakup with JM de Guzman

The actress says that the two of them have different priorities in life

10 Nov - After much speculation, actress Jessy Mendiola finally confirmed rumours that she and boyfriend JM de Guzman have called it quits.

As reported on Push, the actress, who appeared at a press conference held last week, stated that their latest breakup was caused by their differences in priorities.

"I guess it's better that we focus on our own priorities. I just want to focus on myself first. He also wants the same for himself," she said.

However, Mendiola admitted that the breakup did hurt her, although there is nothing she can do about it.

"If the relationship is not good for the both of us, I'd rather not be with him," she said.

She didn't blame Guzman for the breakup, and praised the actor for being an amazing person.

"We're still friends," she said, though added that she doesn't know whether there is likelihood that they would patch thing back.

This is the second time the couple broke up. The couple patched things up back in April this year, after they broke up the first time last year after two years of dating.

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