Jet Li opens tai chi academy

Jet Li opens tai chi academy

14 May – It was reported that martial arts actor Jet Li has joined Chinese internet entrepreneur Jack Ma to open up a tai chi school.

According to Groove Asia, the tai chi school is Ma's idea, who wanted to promote the traditional exercise and do more in education and the environment.

A source from Ma's company revealed on 13 May, "The school in Hangzhou will teach tai chi and martial arts under a disciple of a well-known master. The school is also part of a larger development in a wetlands park which includes commercial services."

Ma, who is also the founder of the world's biggest online retailer, Alibaba, was reported to have stepped down as chief executive officer earlier. A keen devotee of tai chi, Ma has made a lot of Chinese martial arts references in his business and corporate philosophies.

However, this is not the first joint venture between the entrepreneur and film star. Both of them already have a jointly-owned cultural company which provides tai chi training to company employees.

In related news, Jet Li's new movie, "Badges of Fury" will be released worldwide in June.