Jewel Changi Airport Finally Opens its Doors to Visitors

Neha Gupta

Jewel Changi Airport underwent four years of transformation from a carpark into a ten-storey shopping complex. The building features traveler facilities, leisure attractions, restaurants, and shops.

The new facility is now open for viewing by members of the public. However, there was a preview opening through which individuals with first preview tickets would be allowed to view for six days starting from April 11. Roughly half a million individuals applied for the free preview tickets and are thus expected to visit Jewel Changi Airport in the six-day period.

Changi Airport invested $1.7 billion to develop the complex which is located at Terminal 1 and connects to Terminals 2 and 3. Jewel Changi is part of the airport’s strategy to make it more competitive in the tourism and aviation space. Mr. Lee Seow Hiang, the CEO of Changi Airport Group and Jewel Changi Airport Charman spoke about Jewel Changi Airport’s launch. He described it as a vital addition to Singapore’s aviation facilities and tourism attractions.

“We look forward to welcoming the world to Jewel, whether they are traveling to or through Singapore,” stated Mr. Hiang.

Jewel will mainly focus on air travel traffic. For example,it will feature a check-in lounge that will cater to customers from 26 airlinesincluding Scoot, SilkAir and Singapore Airlines. The early check-in lounge willcater to roughly 60% of the airport traffic. Travelers can access the loungefrom 6 am to 6 pm every day. Jewel aims to provide a smooth experience fortravelers as they relax or enjoy other facilities before they get on boardtheir flights. Travelers that have a layover in Singapore will also get toexperience Jewel’s offerings before they join board their next flight.

The 40-meter waterfallis the main star of the show at the Jewel

Some of the features that make Jewel Changi unique include an indoor waterfall that measures 40 meters tall and a garden that spans five storeys with 100,000 shrubs and 2,500 trees. Ashith Alva, Jewel Changi Airport’s head of Development revealed to ChannelNewsAsia that roughly 10,000 gallons of water fall from the roof every minute. It is also designed such that the amount of water that falls from the roof in the evening ranges between 1,500 and 2,000 gallons each minute while the sound and light shows are running.

Mr. Alva also revealed that the system used to run thewaterfall has a control room located at Jewel’s basement, a 500,000-liter tank,and piping that runs up the building. He also revealed that the whole thing wasmade by a design company called WET and that it took two years to come up withthe concept. They reportedly came up with seven models before constructioncommenced.

Jeremy Yeo, Jewel Changi Airport’s head of Developmentrevealed that Jewel consists of roughly 120 plant species at the vegetationarea of the Jewel complex called Forrest Valley. Only about 5% of them areindigenous to Singapore.

Shops available atthe Jewel complex

 It also boasts ofover 280 shops including food and beverage joints. There will also be baggagestorage services where travelers can store their luggage at any time of the dayor night at the Jewel, as well as kiosks and check-in counters. It will also behome to a 130-room hotel and the Changi Lounge which can sit up to 150. Roughly95% of Jewel has already been occupied.

Food joints are likely to be the most popular places tovisit while at the Jewel Changi Airport complex and there is certainly not ashortage of places to eat. Most people will get hungry while exploring all thatthe new complex has to offer and here are some of the places to go for a bite.


This is a restaurant that offers a variety of foods, especially Latin American cuisine. Tonito also happens to be strategically located in an area that faces the indoor waterfall, thus providing a spectacular view.

Shake Shark

This restaurant is one of the most notable additions to theJewel Changi Airport courtesy of its popular Angus beef burgers. It is anAmerican restaurant chain and having one of its locations at the newSingapore-based complex means it will be the restaurant chain’s first outlet inSingapore and the larger South-East Asia.


A&W has been out of the Singapore market for a decadeafter previously existing in the market but it is returning through Jewel. Customersin Singapore can now access the restaurant’s famous Root Beer floats amongother items on the menu.

Emack & Bolio’s

This is a famous ice-cream parlor that seeks its inspiration from rock ‘n’ roll. It offers a variety of flavors and also goes the extra creative mile to include appealing offers such as smoothies, froyo and ice cream pizza.

Beauty In The Pot

Beauty in The Pot probably lives up to its name through a robust menu of meat options and seafood. It also offers different broth flavors, and the beauty is that all this will be accessible to visitors at the Jewel complex.

Burger & Lobster

This is one of the restaurants that are well-known bySingapore travelers thanks to its branches in different places across theworld, including London. Its offerings are also quite vast and it includes seafoodamong other different types of offerings.

The Alley

This restaurant is of extra appeal especially to tea lovers and it has outlets in major cities across the world, such as Paris and Tokyo.

Pink Fish

It originated from Norway and is one of the restaurants thatfocus on clean living. It is therefore ideal for individuals that are consciousabout what they eat. Its main focus is the Norwegian salmon but the restaurantalso has other offerings such as poke bowls, burgers, wraps, and salads.

Jewel Changi has so far generated a lot of hype in Singapore, and for good reason. The design team did a great job and it is also expected to become fruitful given the convenience it offers.

(By Neha Gupta)

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