Jimmy Fallon And James Corden Reveal The True Melania Trump Impostor

Ron Dicker

Viewers of late-night TV Monday might have been seeing double ― in comedy bits about first lady Melania Trump’s alleged body double.

Jimmy Fallon of “The Tonight Show” and James Corden of “The Late Late Show” rolled out their takes on the goofy conspiracy theory that circulated online about a Melania impostor appearing with President Donald Trump on the White House lawn Friday.

Fallon, above, interviewed the “real” Melania (at the 2:18 mark) who looked suspiciously like a fake Melania. But when she said her office in the White House was in the attic, we kinda believed her.

Below, Corden introduced the pseudo-controversy (at the 2:30 mark) with a zinger. 

“If you think that’s weird, Donald Trump’s been impersonating a president for almost a year,” Corden said, before revealing himself to be the mystery Melania.

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