Jinger Duggar Wore Pants and People Are Freaking Out

The Duggar family introduced the world at large to the Quiverfull movement, a fundamentalist sect of Christianity that believes in staunch gender roles, on TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting. Now that fans are accustomed to the Duggars’ beliefs — no birth control, couples are not allowed on unchaperoned dates, men and women must hug only from the side — they’re shocked to see one member of the family, Jinger Duggar, doing what appears to be breaking the rules.

According to the Duggar beliefs, women are forbidden from wearing pants or shorts, and must wear at least a knee-length skirt at all times. But 23-year-old Jinger Vuolo has lately shared public evidence of herself wearing pants. This weekend, she’s back at it with the trousers — this time showing off her casual black pants look while on a shooting range.

“Ready! Aim! Fire!” she captioned the look. Hundreds of fans have commented on the photo, either praising Vuolo for her new style choices or criticizing her for “breaking” her family’s religious tenant. “Enjoying life! Just because she is wearing pants does not make her any less of a Christian and just because she is shooting a gun does not mean she is going to shoot someone. So happy for Jinger!” wrote one commenter. “Welcome to the era where man and woman are equals! Nice pants,” another agreed.

But not all fans were as gung-ho about Jinger’s ensemble. “Pants first of all hug you in areas that is reserved for your husband. Immediately when you see a woman in pants you zoom to her lower equator. Also pants have always been a man’s garment. It’s hypocritical to not want to see man made dresses but then put on your girl made trousers,” wrote a commenter.

The detractors may be weighing in, but ultimately it looks like Vuolo is making her own style choices without letting the rest of her family’s beliefs hold her back. As one fan on the website FreeJinger.com wrote, “We have seen that Jinger can wear pants or shorts, and at least have this tiny choice that her sisters don’t seem to have. It is a tiny baby step towards autonomy. Wear your long pants girl.”

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