Jiro Wang announces relationship with Lena Fujii

23 Jan – Taiwanese singer-actor Jiro Wang recently announced that he is now dating Japanese singer, Lena Fujii.

As reported on On CC, Jiro revealed the good news to his fans on Weibo by sharing a photo with the singer – captioning it, "It's not April Fool's Day", to mean that he is not joking about their relationship.

The caption also has another meaning, it seems. According to the media, he previously shared a photo with Lena online back in 2013, after being involved in the same show in Taiwan.

For that particular photo, he wrote, "Today I finally asked her and she said yes. Please give us your blessings!", but later told fans that it was just an April Fool's joke.

Fans and friends had since congratulated the couple, with fellow Fahrenheit member Calvin Chen saying that the members will wait for his wedding so that they can become his groomsmen.

When asked to confirm the relationship recently, Jiro told the media that he is indeed dating Lena, and hopes that the media will give them some space to develop their relationship.

(Photo Source: Jiro Wang Weibo)