JJ Lin establishes e-sports gaming team SMG

1 Aug - Following the footsteps of Jay Chou, singer-songwriter JJ Lin has recently established his own e-sports gaming team and participated in the "Realm of Valor" professional league.

As reported on GNN, the singer, who appeared at the launch on 30 July with members of his team, shared that he has always been interested in competitive games, and would sometimes play DotA with Jay Chou and Jeremy Lin.

JJ also revealed that the team has been named SMG, which is taken from the name of his own lifestyle brand that means "Still Moving Under Gunfire".

"It means to continue move forward despite the hail of bullets, encouraging people to never stop in the face of adversity," he said.

JJ also hopes that the combination of his e-sports gaming team and his fashion brand will "allow e-sports and pop culture to have a deeper cooperation."

He also added that the establishment of the SMG team is just the first step in his venture into the gaming world.

(Photo Source: JFJ Productions)