JJ Lin's new MV based on true story

Syahida Kamarudin
JJ Lin's new MV based on true story

5 Mar – JJ Lin has recently released the music video for his latest album's second single, "Practice Love", revealing that the video was based on a true story.

Jayne Stars website reported that on 1 March, the Singapore-born singer-songwriter released the music video that was directed by the award-winning Hsu Yun Hsuan.

Written and produced by JJ himself, the animated music video of "Practice Love" tells the story of computer programmer Jean Joseph Orban, who loses his botanist girlfriend in a spaceship accident.

Missing his girlfriend dearly, Jean creates a programme that allows his memories of his girlfriend to form into virtual existence. Helping those who have lost loved ones to live in their memories again, Jean's programme becomes a success but at a cost - his invention causes many others to be unable to distinguish between reality and memory.

The singer revealed that the song was dedicated to the 104 victims of the SilkAir Flight MI185 crash in 1997, and that the story of the music video is based on a true story, whereby it caused the loss of his dear friend, Xu Chue Fern, a Chinese Indonesian who he had known during grade school.

He explained that Xue had had a crush on him but since JJ's feelings for Xu never went beyond friendship, he finally rejected her after months of pursuit. However, the heartbroken Xu was still willing to introduce one of her friends to JJ, who eventually dated JJ for two months.

She died a few months later in the tragedy.

JJ stated, "When I went to send my condolences to her family, I noticed that Xu had kept a photo of me and her. Her aunt told me that I should keep the photo. Although I told [Xu] very clearly that I was not interested in dating her, and even went ahead to date her friend, she still kept that photo of me. I felt terrible."

He added, "I still keep her photo to this day. I want to preserve my memory of her."

In related news, the full story of "Practice Love" will be released on 13 March.