JKT48 members chosen

JKT48 members chosen

3 Nov – Indonesia's JKT48, the first overseas sister group of AKB48 held their final audition at a hotel in Jakarta. Now, the 28 first generation members for this new group have been chosen, according to the Tokyo Hive website.

There were a total of 1,200 applicants for the audition, and they reduced them to 50 girls after the selection and the interview.

Akimoto Yasushi, the judge and the general producer, commented at the press conference, "Though there are many differences in cultures, languages, customs, and national characters (in comparison to Japan), I felt the certainty of success at the audition today."

He continued, "Japan is having a hard time because of the Tohoku earthquake, but I believe JKT48 can be the bridge between the two countries."

JKT48 is expected to make their debut within the year, and another overseas sister group TPE48 which is based in Taiwan, is scheduled to debut next summer.

Akimoto is also planning to create more sister groups based in Singapore and Thailand as well.