Jo Malone London's beauty advent calendar is on sale now

jo malone advent calendar
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What's the first sign that Christmas is coming? Among the serious beauty fans at least, it's the flurry of beauty advent calendars that begin to dominate the shelves. And while there may be dozens vying for your attention this year, Jo Malone London's chic creation remains one of the most coveted.

An annual sell-out without fail, Jo Malone's beauty advent calendar is the pinnacle of the fragrance brand's festive collection. This year's offering is undeniably classic, staying true to that instantly recognisable cream and black packaging and opening to reveal two tiers of scented surprises.

So, what exactly is in store? You can expect a welcome mix of candles, bodycare and of course, those globally adored colognes in fragrances both old and new. The Pine & Eucalyptus mini candle is a particular highlight, as is the indulgent Wood Sage & Sea Salt Body Crème. But perhaps best of all is the inclusion of a full-sized 30ml cologne, which can be unwrapped on December 25. Below, take a peek at the entire contents listing (if you really can't bear the suspense...)

Inside the Jo Malone Advent Calendar

While a glitzy, festive calendar is undeniably fun, the real draw of Jo Malone London's offering is the year-round appeal – nothing here will feel out of place once January rolls around. In fact, you'll be stocked with enough sublime scents to see you through the whole of 2023...

The Jo Malone London Advent Calendar is priced at £325 and is available now at

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