Job Hunting 101 for Fresh Grads

RJ Firmeza

Job Hunting 101 for Fresh Grads

By RJ Firmeza

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Hello fresh grads! It’s finally time to be part of the workforce. We’ll lay it on you – it’s not that easy. There’s a couple of stuff to keep in mind when you hunt for your dream job. It all starts with a concrete plan on how to go about your job hunt.

Here are a couple of tips to give you a head start of landing that dream job.

Get your documents in order


You’re finally in the real world and in search for your first job ever. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking, isn’t it? But before even starting the hunt, it’s best to prepare all the documents you’ll need to actually start working. Don’t know where to start? Go here!


 Ask people in the industry about the jobs you’re eyeing

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Gather as much insight as you can about the industry you want to be part of. While the notion of walking in there and right away become a perfect fit is quite romantic, it’s rarely that smooth a transition. It would be wise to come prepared.

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Be realistic in negotiating your salary

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Again, you’ll most likely get an idea on how much to demand if you have enough knowledge in your chosen industry. As a rule of thumb, always go for the median between an employer’s offer and yours.

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Make a no-nonsense resume

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First impressions do last. And because, your resumè is your first contact with your potential employer, you must be able to articulately express your credentials and competence on a piece of paper. Ace your first resume by following these essential resume hacks.