Virtual hiring to continue post-pandemic as trend appeals to recruiters

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'Your are hired': Business magnate Alan Sugar on the BBC's The Apprentice. Photo: BBC

Job interviews made a switch from in-person to online amid the pandemic, and it looks like this trend is here to stay.

Both UK employers and potential employees say they prefer virtual recruitment. Job site Indeed’s research shows three quarters (74%) of UK employers switched to this method of hiring during lockdown and even more (77%) are expect to do so in the future. 

Some 48% will do so across the board while 29% will use virtual hiring for certain roles.

As for job seekers, 88% feel virtual interviews have advantages over in-person meetings

“Our research confirms virtual hiring is here to stay,” said Bill Richards, head of UK sales at Indeed.

For employers, the most popular benefits of virtual hiring include making it easier to schedule interviews (49%), shortening the time it takes to complete interviews (42%) and reducing hiring costs (39%). 

More than one third (34%) of employers said virtual hiring speeds up recruitment.    

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A third (33%) of jobseekers found virtual interviews make the process of getting a new job quicker, with 31% finding them less intimidating.

Interviews are still viewed as a crucial: Almost half (49%) of the 500 companies polled by Indeed rated it as the most important part of the hiring process, while 58% of jobseekers value them as a valuable opportunity to explain their suitability for a role

Nearly two-thirds (64%) felt that if they can get an interview, they can go on to land the job

Indeed also found that 68% of UK firms plan to recruit more as lockdown restrictions are eased and it is launching its online hiring platform in the country in July.

“As Britain’s job recovery continues, employers need to be able to ramp up hiring quickly but the reality is that the traditional process is often too slow and ineffective and can leave jobseekers in the dark," said RIchards.

“For jobseekers, the platform quickly connects them to companies that are hiring, enables them to book their own interview slots to fit their schedule and provide greater transparency that means they are no longer left waiting to hear back for weeks," said Richards.

Employers will be able to use the service to automate tasks like reviewing CVs and scheduling interviews. 

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