Jodhpur: Artists paint murals to highlight Rajasthan's culture

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Jodhpur walls with with colorful mural art painting. (Photo/ANI)
Jodhpur walls with with colorful mural art painting. (Photo/ANI)

Jodhpur (Rajasthan) [India], September 6 (ANI): Celebrating the culture and ancient history of Rajasthan, artists have painted the murals in Jodhpur.

Speaking to ANI, Dheeraj Chauhan, Councillor, Ward 30, said, "It is an attempt to promote the essence of Blue City. There are two types of paintings; one shows old traditions of Rajasthan and the other some touch of art for the youths. We have included selfie points that will attract tourists."

Punranand Bhatt, an artist, said, "I am making an ancient traditional art of Rajasthan using the blue background. This work of art goes direct to Mehrangarh of Rajasthan. This is to preserve the tradition. We are getting a lot of appreciation from visitors and art admirers."

Aditi Bohra, a resident, said, "I feel so excited that our city is getting old traditional art. People are coming from distant places to see the murals." (ANI)

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