Joe Buck admits to secretly peeing while calling a touchdown on national television

Sports broadcaster Joe Buck visited The Late Show With Stephen Colbertwhere he shared a story about being stuck in a broadcast booth when nature called. The incident happened a while back when the Green Bay Packers played in an old stadium in Milwaukee, where there was no bathroom in the booth.

Buck said, “First half is coming to a close. We’re out of all the TV time-outs. And the half will not end. And I’m turning to people in the booth, taking my headset off going, “I’ve got to pee. I have got to pee!”

Finally a 30-second break comes up. Buck said: “The guy who is working with me hands me a little water bottle, like am I William Tell? I’m going to shoot it in there? No, that’s not going to work.”

Fortunately someone came up with a better idea. Buck said, “I’m wearing this parka because it’s cold. They put a trashcan in front of me. I’ve got 20 seconds. Then I get stage fright.”

Buck was able to overcome his stage fright, but unfortunately it was right when the commercial break ended. He said, “Boom! Flood gates open, and I start peeing. The problem was, play resumed, and I actually called a touchdown live on national TV while peeing in a trashcan.”

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