John Lajara, Continues To Redefine Industry Expectations From Downtown New York

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Although thousands of people will consider the potential of becoming an agent in 2021, only a small percentage will be able to cut through the noise and position themselves against the competition. The profitability and freedom that comes from being a person to help people with their living situation is alluring; yet, seizing that kind of greatness in the industry is anything but easy. John Lajara knows this better than anyone.

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Property transactions are increasing in prevalence and frequency, thanks to the urban sprawls and renewed sense of wanderlust seeping into every facet of society due to the pandemic. Therefore, the need for agents with a penchant for excellence is mounting.

As one of America’s Top 100 Agents, John Lajara has redefined what it takes to be considered among the ‘greats’ in a market as competitive and lucrative as New York. Attributing his success to going above and beyond for each client, treating them as a real individual with unique needs as opposed to just another business transaction, Lajara has been able to establish personal relationships through his stellar customer service. These relationships have elevated his business beyond what anyone thought was possible, making Lajara a household-name in New York.

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Beyond working with clients, Lajara has also carefully curated a global network of stakeholders, attorneys, mortgage brokers, partners, and fellow real estate agents on his quest to conquer New York real estate, understanding better than anyone that, ‘we are stronger together than we are apart.’

“When I started out on my journey of understanding the market of homes, I knew it wasn’t going to be as easy as everyone seems to think it is,’ said Lajara. “I put in grueling hours studying the nuances of the industry so I could be as strategically prepared as possible. This kind of work paid off, and now I am able to do what I love for a living, in one of the most competitive housing markets in the entire world.”

It Starts with Giving Back

Starting his pursuit nearly 10-years ago, Lajara has felt a renewed sense of purpose in helping other agents hopefuls on their journey. As a member of the Latino community, Lajara also sees himself as a role model for other Hispanic individuals that are wholly underrepresented in the world of real estate.

“I don’t take my influence and status lightly,” said Lajara. “I want as many Hispanic individuals as possible to know that they can make a career out of house selling and renting expertise, too. I am here to help.”

Lajara has recently set his sight on his next business conquest, called MAKRO Fitness and Nutrition, which he co-founded with Ryan Maldonado. By providing nutrition that targets elite professionals and helps them get into shape, MAKRO will also provide custom tailored workout plans that are based on the needs of each individual client.

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