John Oliver Dives Face First Into the Butt of a John Oliver Cake Bear From New York Bakery After Challenge

John Oliver was simply giddy after a New York bakery followed through on his challenge to create a pastry from his likeness. So, to celebrate, the HBO host dived face first into said pastry — although technically, he ate it “ass first.”

In case you missed it, here’s the short version: Two weeks ago, Oliver and his team bought the equipment of a now-defunct Red Lobster in upstate New York. But, it turns out that a nearby bakery wanted that equipment themselves, and had taped a note to the door of the restaurant asking for it.

Oliver offered to send them completely new equipment — as he had already donated the stuff he bought — if they created a cake bear with his face on it. Well, they did just that, and the first batch sold out in less than an hour. On Sunday night’s episode of “Last Week Tonight,” Oliver was impressed and giddy.

“I love everything about that cake bear,” he said. “Its wide-open eyes, pleading ‘Munch me. Munch a bite out of my ass right now.’ I love the little paws, the little nose, and that each bear basically looks like it’s wearing a John Oliver Halloween mask.”

But what truly sent the host over the edge was the fact that the bakery also made a massive John Oliver cake bear, one that didn’t just have his face printed on a piece of edible paper, but actually in full frosting form, complete with a tie.

The cake was shaped more like a real-life bear, and contained an edible note reading “Don’t be a monster. Have some class & eat it ass first.” So, Oliver did.

“Thank you so much to Deising’s Bakery, who rose to the challenge of producing a product on zero notice that didn’t exist, and yet, had somehow been advertised on national TV,” he said before diving in. “And thank you to everyone who bought the bears.”

“I can really only think of one way to end this, and that is to eat this bear, that I love so very much, in the only universally acceptable manner,” he continued. “And that is by taking a bite out of its sumptuous ass. Here we go.”

At that, the host went face first into the rear end of the cake, smearing frosting all over his face and cheering.

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