John Oliver Drags the ‘Straight Pride’ Flag: Looks ‘Like the Hamburglar’s Wedding Invitation’

John Oliver was made aware of the existence of a “straight pride” flag this week, and he had a pretty good laugh at it. During “Last Week Tonight,” the HBO host argued that it sends a pretty clear message, before comparing it to something a McDonald’s character would send out.

To kick off the episode Sunday night, Oliver centered on multiple flag controversies around the country, including Justice Samuel Alito’s wife flying the American flag upside down at their home (a symbol associated with the false claims that the 2020 election was “stolen” from now convicted felon Donald Trump).

Alito’s wife was caught on tape complaining about seeing Pride flags during June — because it’s Pride Month — and she’s not the only one. Oliver also highlighted a case in Denver, where parents demanded teachers hang a “straight pride” flag in school.

“If you’re having trouble picturing that, this is the straight pride flag,” Oliver said as a graphic of the flag appeared. “Which, to be honest, really screams ‘Heterosexuality is a prison.'”

The design of this flag is simple: black and white stripes, with the male and female gender signs interlinked on it. And Oliver couldn’t help but laugh at how it looked compared with the actual Pride flag.

“That is just a failure of marketing right there! The Pride flag is joyous explosion of color, and you’re gonna try and counter it with something that looks, at best, like the hamburglar’s wedding invitation? Good luck with that!” he joked.

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