John Stamos Pens an Emotional Letter to His Late Mother

John Stamos has had a hard time dealing with the loss of his mother, Loretta, who died in 2014. After her death, the actor said he was sitting at her table and found a letter from her that said, “Life is an occasion … Rise to it. Don’t be sad because I died … be happy because I lived. I had a wonderful life.”

Stamos believes his mother meant for him to find the note, and now he is finally ready to write her back in a letter published for Good Housekeeping’s Mother’s Day series. “Your whole life was completely unselfish,” he writes. “Everyone who spent time with you walked away feeling better about themselves.”

Stamos says that his mother also made him and his two siblings feel empowered. He mentions how they would joke that their mother was “overbearing,” but now he finds that he does it too, “being over-complimentary, lovey, gushy, accentuating the good in people.”

As Stamos got older he found comfort in escaping to his mom’s home for the weekend. “You called your house the Castle of Comfort for me,” he recalls. “I knew I could drive down there on a Saturday morning, spend the weekend and gain my strength back. You poured a lifetime of love into me. … Two and a half years later, that love still gets me through every single day.”

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