John Woo may have throat cancer

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John Woo may have throat cancer

28 May – Famed Hong Kong director John Woo has been reported to be afflicted with throat cancer, leading to the postponement of his next movie's production.

According to Daily Chilli, a source revealed that Woo had taken leave to seek treatment for an illness in the United States since January for what is suspected to be throat cancer, although other sources have said that it could be a pancreatic disease.

At the moment, Woo was in the middle of preparations for his next film, "Love and Let Love", which is based on a true story of a sinking of a Taiwanese steam ship after it collided with a freighter ship. The tragic collision caused the loss of more than 1,000 lives, all of which were Mainland escapees, at the time when communists was on verge of taking over China.

The ship was also believed to be carrying huge bundles of cash from the refugees and boxes of important documents belonging to the Central Bank of China, founded by Dr. Sun Yat Sen.

As a result of his illness and treatment, Woo has postponed the production of the film until he returns, which is expected to be until the end of the year.

None of Woo's close friends and co-workers have offered to make any comments about the 66-year-old director's condition.