Johor assembly rejects Opposition motion to form select committee on real estate graft case

Chuah Bee Kim

ISKANDAR PUTERI: The Johor state assembly today rejected a motion tabled by the Opposition to set up a select committee over the ongoing real estate corruption investigation in the state.

A war of words broke out in the assembly today, which only ended when Speaker Tan Sri Mohamad Aziz dismissed Yeo Tung Siong (DAP- Pekan Nanas) from the sitting for not adhering to the Standing Order.

Mohamad said the motion tabled by Yeo concerned a matter that was still being investigated under the law, as it was being probed by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

"Based on Standing Order 45(7) of the Regulations and Standing Orders of the Johor State Assembly, the matter is now under legal consideration and cannot be mentioned in the House as it is under investigation by the MACC.

"I reject the motion tabled by Pekan Nanas," Mohamad told the state assembly.

At this point, Yeo stood up and said the motion was supported by 10 Opposition assemblymen.

Yeo proceeded to criticise Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin for the real estate corruption scandal.

A heated exchange ensued between Opposition and Barisan Nasional assemblymen for 12 minutes as Yeo argued for his motion to be tabled, with other Opposition assemblymen coming to his support.

Yeo and Tan Hong Pin (DAP-Mengkibol) continued to disrupt the session when a new state legislation was being tabled, prompting Khaled to speak.

Khaled stood up and said Mohamad was right in his decision to reject the Opposition's motion as it involved a suggestion to monitor an investigation being conducted by an enforcement body.

Some of the Opposition assemblymen were seen holding up A4 size placards bearing the Barisan Nasional logo, with the words "Kerajaan BN gagal" written on it.

Mohamad interjected many times and urged Yeo to sit down but the call was not heeded.

Yeo was then shown the door before the state assembly session was adjourned.