Johor Bersatu chief lodges counter report in JB, claiming slander

Ben Tan
Johor Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) chief Mazlan Bujang (centre) during a media conference outside the Bandar Dato’ Onn police station after lodging his counter report August 24, 2019. — Picture by Ben Tan

JOHOR BARU, Aug 24 — Johor Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) chief Mazlan Bujang today hit back at his detractors by lodging a counter police against him, claiming slander and damaging his dignity as a political leader.

“The reason that I lodged the report was due to slander and defamation against me that is considered too much.

“I want to make it clear that I never did order that all sealed factories in the Kampung Pasir Puteh area of Pasir Gudang be opened, threaten the complainant and interfered in his duties, nor did I claim to have a federal minister’s powers,” said Mazlan at a media conference after lodging his counter report at the Bandar Dato’ Onn police station today.

Mazlan, who is also the Puteri Wangsa assemblyman and Tebrau Bersatu division chief, maintained he did nothing wrong as he never sought the re-commencement of the illegal factories that were ordered shut by the state government.

The 54-year-old Bersatu strongman said his intention was to request the re-opening of the smaller industries in the area such as car wash centres and small businesses belonging to the Malay community that were affected by the state government’s closure on July 11.

“The Kampung Pasir Puteh area in question under the MPPG is within my jurisdiction as it falls under the Tebrau parliament where I am the Bersatu division chief and also an elected state representative,” said Mazlan, adding that those who sought his assistance were not rich businessmen, but regular traders who just wanted to make a living.

His counter report today came after a pro-Barisan Nasional (BN) portal had alleged that he had “meddled” by ordering the re-opening of illegal factories in the Pasir Gudang industrial district, following a police report lodged against him on Thursday by a Pasir Gudang Municipal Council (MPPG) administrator.

Earlier, Mazlan arrived at the police station at about 5.15pm where about 60 Bersatu members were present to show their support. His report was made at 5.20pm and completed at 7pm

Among them present was Johor Bersatu information chief Yaacob Atan and other senior state leaders.

Mazlan, who explained that he knew who the complainant was and he had known him for almost 20 years.

He said the complainant was an administrator that he knew during his stint in the previous government as an MPPG municipal councillor.

“I believe that the complainant was made to lodge the report by irresponsible parties in an attempt to damage my reputation,” said Mazlan.

Malay Mail learnt that the complainant was identified as Sharif Idros, an MPPG administrator who is in his 50s.

On the issue of taking legal action, Mazlan said that he had no plans for the time being and will leave the matter to the party’s top leadership to decide.

“Let’s wait and see,” he said.

However, Mazlan also hit out at the Pasir Gudang pollution issue claiming that the MPPG president himself did not take his task seriously on the issue of rubbish dump sites.

“I also urge the Johor Mentri Besar (Datuk Dr Sahruddin Jamal) to take action on the matter.

“We should not be afraid to speak out on such matters as we are now under the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government,” said Mazlan.

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