Johor mosquito bikers know no fear, back on the road again

Halim Said

JOHOR BARU: The mosquito bike riders are at it again, this time taking over Jalan Denai in Taman Bukit Jaya, Ulu Tiram near here.

On Friday, police detained 13 youths aged between 11 and 15, mostly from around the neighbourhood, after they were found to have been cycling dangerously along Jalan Denai.

It is also learnt that the youths were part of a larger group of riders that had convened along the road from as early as 4pm in the evening for a bike race.

Johor Baru South deputy police chief Superintendent M. Kumar in a statement expressed his disappointment on the recurring presence of these mosquito bike riders despite police action in arresting several groups of youths that were involved in the illegal bike races in the Johor Baru and Kulai areas over the last few months.

“Despite the arrests, these mosquito bike riders are still making their presence felt on the roads where their reckless act poses a threat to other motorists and their own safety,” he said.

Kumar said during the arrest, police also seized 15 modified bicycles, some of which are not even safe for use on the road.

“All of the youths were released after we contacted their parents.”

Kumar said 13 summonses under the Road Traffic Rules 1959 for illegal vehicle modification were issued to the youths’ parents.

“If convicted, the offender can be slapped with a fine of up to RM 2,000 or they can be sentenced to a jail for up to six months,” he said.

The mosquito bike menace in Johor Baru has raised concerns after an accident where eight youths were killed when a car ploughed right into them in Jalan Mahmoodiah in February this year.