Johor Regent Tunku Ismail calls for unity among youths

Ben Tan
Johor Regent Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim taking a selfie with a youth participant during the inaugural Malaysia Youth Council (MBM) Congress held at the Persada International Convention Centre in Johor Baru, September 15, 2019. — Picture by Ben Tan

JOHOR BARU, Sept 15 — Johor Regent Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim called upon the country’s youth to stay united regardless of their racial or religious backgrounds, especially in the current political climate.

He also urged youths to voice their views to the country’s leaders as part of nation-building.

“It is important for the youth in communicating their views to ensure that the country’s economic development continue to prosper,” said Tunku Ismail who is also the state’s Crown Prince.

Tunku Ismail pointed-out that what was important for him was to see development in his state, the rakyat at ease, a better education and healthcare system, as well as the government’s concern in taking care of the rakyat.

“Our agenda must be clear. However, young people should play an important role in voicing out (their concerns) because a leader’s responsibility is to serve the rakyat. This is my sincere view,” said Tunku Ismail when responding to a question by a participant during the inaugural Malaysia Youth Council (MBM) Congress held at the Persada International Convention Centre here today.

However, the 35-year-old heir to the Johor royal throne said for that to happen, the rakyat must be united in the first place.

“The first thing that we should have is a sense of humanity by respecting one another, because we are not animals,” he said, adding that with many races and religions disunity among ourselves will not bring the country anywhere.

Tunku Ismail also pledged his role as a leader to assist in all efforts for the development of youth in the country.

Today was the first time that the MBM (the Malay initials for Majlis Belia Malaysia) held a congress involving 3,200 participants nationwide.

Tunku Ismail was the guest-of-honour.

Present was Johor Youth, Sports, Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative committee chairman Sheikh Umar Bagharib Ali and MBM president Jufiti Johar.

Meanwhile, earlier during the congress Jufitri presented Tunku Ismail with 11 resolutions which touched mainly on issues facing the country’s youth.

Among the resolutions included urging politicians to practice political maturity and calling on the government to play a proactive role in solving economic issues including unemployment, retrenchment and economic slowdown.

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