Johor woman suffers serious burns from exploding gas canister

Our collective kitchen nightmare came true yesterday when a Johor Baru woman was seriously injured after her stove’s gas canister exploded while she was attempting to turn on her burner.

Yeo Chui Teng, from Taman Daya, suffered second-degree burns to her body in the incident, and was rushed to the nearby Sultan Ismail Hospital by concerned members of the public before fire officials were called to the scene at her home. Investigators at the scene arrived shortly after 4pm, and reported that there was damage to the home’s windows and kitchen. The exact cause of the explosion has yet to be determined by fire personnel, and is currently being investigated.

Johor fire officials have reminded the public to check older canisters’ piping, and to occasionally use soapy water along gas ducts to check for leaks. Also, disconnect your gas before leaving the house.

Always store your cylinder upright, and held secure by a chain or strap; keep it away from flammable materials in a dry and ventilated place; and avoid storing it in a locker, where a gas leak could cause a dangerous build-up of explosive fumes.

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