Jolin Tsai voted off because of auto-tune?

Jolin Tsai voted off because of auto-tune?

22 May - Though her album "Play" is leading the Golden Melody Awards with nine nominations, fans of Taiwanese pop diva Jolin Tsai are stumped that she failed to make it into the Best Mandarin Female Singer nomination.

The judges' decision has sparked rumours that Jolin was voted out of the top five because of the heavy use of auto-tune in her songs.

Some tabloids alleged that judges were not happy with the use of such audio processor in some songs included in "Play", meanwhile another rumour stated that some of the judges have no preference for dance pop singers in the category.

However, Jolin's manager had since dismissed the rumours, saying that Jolin has already proven that she can sing live without the help of auto-tune.

"We welcome those who are in doubt to hear her perform live. I am confident with her ability," said the manager. He gave the example of Jolin's performance at the 2014 New Year's Eve concert, where she sang while dancing on stage and was able to maintain her vocal prowess.

Jolin herself was not too frustrated about not being nominated for the category, saying in a previous interview that she is just happy that her album led the competition.

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