Jon Voight breaks down, cries tears of joy while talking about President Trump in Fox News interview

The award-winning actor showed his softer side when discussing Donald Trump. (Photo: Getty Images)

Jon Voight is an outspoken Trump backer, and he made it clear that his support for the president was as fervent as ever in a recent interview.

The actor appeared on Fox News’s Life, Liberty & Levin on Sunday to discuss everything from politics to his pal, the late Burt Reynolds. Surprisingly, however, it wasn’t his ode to the actor that got him emotional.

The vocal Trump supporter was describing an interaction he had with a fellow conservative when he got teary-eyed. He had met a conservative woman who also happened to be an actress, and Voight asked her, “So what do you think about our man?” She responded by placing her hand on her heart, and Voight couldn’t contain himself as he demonstrated her patriotic pose. He started crying and then clarified, “That’s me crying.”

Why the tears? “The gesture was so beautiful, she couldn’t even speak. She was just saying ‘Thank God,’ and I say, ‘Thank God.’” The actor became emotional at another point in the interview when talking about religion. “I think righteousness brings emotion out of me,” he explained.

The 79-year-old endorsed Trump during the 2016 election and frequently defended him, even if it meant feuding with fellow actors.

Voight’s vulnerabilities were also on display when he used the show to publicly say farewell to his friend, Burt Reynolds, with whom he starred in Deliverance, but did so with more composure than he had when he spoke about the president.

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