Joseph Gordon-Levitt shares photo of Singaporean lady on his Facebook, amassing 800 comments within a day

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SINGAPORE – Regularly sharing photos with his 5.8 million followers on Facebook, American actor and filmmaker Joseph Gordon-Levitt shared a picture of a Singaporean in the rain on Sunday (2 August) and asked his followers to write a story based on the photo, amassing over 800 comments within a day.

Starring in movies such as The Dark Knight Rises, Inception, and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, and in sitcoms like 3rd Rock from the Sun, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has made appearances in more than 80 films and shows over the course of his career since 1988.

The actor had also founded an online production company, HitRecord, in 2004 with his brother.

The photo of a Singaporean in the rain first appeared on his collaborative media platform where the challenge is to write a line of dialogue or narration to go with the picture. The creative platform, which boasts over 750,000 creatives, received more than 200 contributions over the course of a week.

Joseph, who shared the photo on his Facebook page, saw over 800 comments under his post within 24 hours, with some of the fans pointing out that the photo was taken in Singapore.

The unmistakeable HDB blocks in the background, along with the school zone sign by the road were the giveaways.

Amanda Ho thanks the actor. (PHOTO: Screenshot)
Amanda Ho thanks the actor. (PHOTO: Screenshot)

The Singaporean lady was identified as Amanda Ho in a series of photos taken by Dahlia Rong. Commenting on Joseph’s post, she thanked Joseph for sharing her photo with his fans.

“Thank you for reposting my photo Joe! You just gave me the gift of reading everyone's short stories about my photo!”

Some comments from Singaporeans posting about the photo reflect confusion as to whether the photo was taken in Yishun or Pasir Ris. A pun by one commenter Micheal Chin reads, “And then it started to pour. Singapour.”

A reader's submission. (PHOTO: Screenshot)
A reader's submission. (PHOTO: Screenshot)