Judge defends detention of Supt. Marcos et al at CIDG jail

CIDG 8 Chief PSupt. Marvin Marcos

LEYTE — Baybay City Regional Trial Court (RTC) judge Carlos Arguelles explained to members of the media the reasons why Superintendent Marvin Marcos and his 18 co-accused cannot be detained at the detention facility where former Albuera Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr. was also detained.

Arguelles said the provincial jail of Baybay is only for inmates transferred from the towns of Albuera and Mahaplag.

Mayor Espinosa was from the town of Albuera. This was why he was qualified to be detained there when he was endorsed by Judge Aguelles after authorities inspected the facility and requested the management to provide security to the former mayor.

Meanwhile, the suspects committed the crime against Espinosa and Raul Yap last November 5 inside the Baybay City Provincial Jail which is in the town of Baybay.

Judge Arguelles noted that if the law will be followed, the suspects should be detained at the Baybay City Jail.

“So in the meanwhile they are detained in CIDG lock up cell…that detention is only temporary not permanent because anytime, this court can issue, can recall or set aside that order and issue another order detaining them in the proper penal facility, ” he said.

However, the judge also said the detention facility is already overcrowded, and lacks personnel and equipment to provide the necessary security for Marcos and his co-accused.

Argueles further noted that if the accused disregard the two conditions stated in the RTC’s joint order, he will have no choice but to transfer them to the Baybay City Jail.

“That’s why I am also intending to conduct an on-spot inspection if they are really following my conditions as stipulated in the orders,” he said.

Judge Arguelles also said the decision he issued garnered mixed public reactions, but that it is in accordance with the law.

“I know that this will be subject for criticism why the court ordered for their detention in the lock-up cell of CIDG,” he admitted, “but we are not after emotions. We are after the law we, are just following the law. So this should not be misinterpreted by the public but this is how we go with the procedure. So that is where the court stands.”

The next arraignment of Marcos and his co-accused will be on March 29. — Jenelyn Tacloban | UNTV News and Rescue

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