Julie de Libran Couture Spring 2024

It was all about feeling at home for Julie de Libran’s spring couture collection.

Once more throwing open the doors to hers, she treated guests to warm tea (spiked if one wished) and butter biscuits to beat a blustery evening.

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The Parisian designer therefore made the wardrobe about entertaining, too. Her woman was “a little bit deshabillée but also she gets dressed and goes along with her day,” she said before the show.

Down the staircase came the first model, dramatically lit and clad in a striped devoré velvet number that was half nightgown, half evening dress with a trailing cape.

This is de Libran we’re talking about, so consider anything resembling nightwear an option for one’s wedding brunch rather than vegging out in front of Netflix.

Standouts included double-breasted jackets that hit midthigh; a short-sleeved parka trimmed with feathers; a richly embroidered multicolored dress, and a blouson with a collar and hem that matched the fabric of the dress worn with it.

Elsewhere, she played with separates in tweed — “it’s like knits, you get that comfort and warmth,” she enthused. Most looks were jazzed up in some way: feathers, sequins or even just fabrics with marked sheen.

The prevalent message here? If you’re still in your activewear when the doorbell rings, throw on a long blazer and chunky jewels, slip into your stilettoes and you’re all set.

Should that speak to anyone with pockets not quite deep enough for what she was showing Wednesday, there’s always the designer’s collaboration with French retailer La Redoute, slated to drop on Valentine’s Day.

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Launch Gallery: Julie de Libran Couture Spring 2024

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