June 2: Google's Search trends reveal the tech and science topics currently interesting users

Airbnb and New York City officials announced an agreement Friday settling a long-running dispute

What's hot right now in technology and science? Google reveals what's being queried the most by its US users over the past 24 hours in their dedicated Search engine. As of right now, the tech or science topic with the greatest search audience is the Earth passby of an asteroid that has been calculated as being larger than the Empire State Building.

In the world of science and technology, exciting discoveries and new innovations are announced everyday -- and some resonate with the public more than others. Google tracks exactly which topics their users are most interested in on a daily basis, and the following are the most popular search queries tapped into the engine over the past 24 hours.

Asteroid • Earth • Near-Earth object • NASA • Potentially hazardous object • Empire State Building • (163348) 2002 NN4

Early today, Tech Times reported that an asteroid "larger than the Empire State Building" will be passing by Earth, though it will be over 5 million kilometers away. The name of the asteroid, which NASA deems as "very small," is 163348 (2002 NN4). While larger than the New York City icon, NASA's Planetary Defense Officer Lindley Johnson promises that it presents no threat to Earth.

Instagram • Social media • Product

Yesterday, the parenting website Scary Mommy posted an article exploring the "dark side" of Instagram. The story explains how parents can block harmful accounts from their children's page, spot predators and identify ghost accounts.

Adobe • Adobe Creative Cloud • Adobe Photoshop

Photography blog PetaPixel reported on how Adobe has recently redesigned all its logos to freshen up the brand.

Sun • Solar flare • NASA • Solar cycle • Star 

Today, Business Insider India reported that the sun was spotted by NASA "spitting out its biggest solar flare since October 2017." The solar flare occurred on May 29 and has been classified as an M-class flare, "the second strongest as per NASA's classification guide."

Nintendo Switch • Clubhouse Games

Website Comicbook noted Monday that Nintendo Switch is hosting a significant "Resident Evil" sale with five editions of the game 50% or more off. The sale runs until June 16.