Junichiro Waide’s brilliant vision for a better working environment at Venteny


A commendable entrepreneur with various achievements

Junichiro Waide has been working in Manila, Philippines for the last five years and noticed certain employees’ conditions that became a hindrance to their productivity and said,

“We would like to enhance employees’ loyalty towards the company and also we would like to help alleviate if not totally eradicate their financial problems to create a corporate environment to maximize productivity.”

As the Founder and CEO of VENTENY PTE LTD., Junichiro founded VENTENY Philippines in the year 2015 with the idea to launch this company in order to deliver “employee happiness” in the country and with the success, he further envisions to create similar establishments in other Southeast Asia countries.

Raised in Tokyo, Junichiro was educated in Boston USA. He graduated in Northeastern University and he started his business career as a business consultant in PricewaterhouseCoopers Co., Ltd, he has become an entrepreneur with numerous achievements through his experiences working in several countries all over the world. According to Junichiro, this is his 6th company so far, owing his accomplishments to his disciplined attitude when it comes to the commitments and focusing on the goals.

“If you really want to do it, then you need to find a way. If you believe in something, you need to keep on working on it.” Junichiro says to future entrepreneurs.

More than your average Debit Card

VENTENY is a VISA Empowered membership Prepaid Debit Card for online shopping and many more. It has perks and discounts enabling the user to get the best deals from up to 60% off on discounts for unlimited usage. You can also do instant loans and get instant cash with a low interest rate and a 24 hour approval. Not only that, VENTENY has over 400 Partner Merchants where you can get the best exclusive membership deals.

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The All-in-One VENTENY Prepaid VISA Card is a powerful general purpose reloadable prepaid card that can be used for cashless payments. VENTENY enables cardholders to enjoy the convenience of cash-less shopping at over 40 million VISA affiliated stores worldwide. This All-in-One VISA Card is viable for online shopping as well, e.g. to book airline tickets, grab the latest online deals, download the latest games or music, etc.

VENTENY can be used to swipe away at stores, shop online 24/7, book hotels and flights as you wish, transfer cash at a cheaper rate, reload depending on your needs, and it is safer than carrying cash especially if you are traveling. VENTENY Prepaid VISA Card is not a credit card, however, it can be used in all VISA-accredited ATMS, merchants, and online stores worldwide.

Covering all your needs: An employee’s aim for a better life

VENTENY is also a collaboration of HR Tech and FinTech companies to provide employee happiness to each company given that their intent is to increase the value and quality of working for the company. VENTENY has an exclusive website (VENTENY) that serves as a platform for employees working for companies in the Philippines. It offers an exclusive membership service including perks, loans, and the point system. Junichiro aims to give a better benefit program for the employees for more happiness and a productive company.

“I see many companies in Southeast Asia have been facing issues with low engagement and high turnover rate of employees due to many reasons like lack of credit. So, here we are to fill the gap,” said the founder Junichiro in a statement.

With VENTENY, businesses can provide their staff members with perks such as discounts at restaurants, gyms, and hotels, including short term loans for employees through partner banks and other financial institutions with the intent to create a good Employer-Employee relationship and to boost up employees’ loyalty, focus, and commitment to the member companies.

A vision for a wider productive alliance

It’s really hard for the employees to create perks and benefits by themselves and the companies are busy in their business and are not able to help them. As Junichiro’s father taught him that there is an altruistic approach in creating better companies, this is when Junichiro realized his brilliant solution in making a better environment for the employees and profitable for the companies as well by starting up VENTENY. This vision creates better alliances with an improved productivity for the companies.

“This is one problem that we want to solve for all the companies in the Philippines.” he explains.

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“You go, stay focused and don’t be blurred with distractions. You have to believe and find people that you can share risks with.” he advises to creating a successful company.

Junichiro Waide is indeed a commendable entrepreneur with his unique vision, his intent to educate and improve companies, his management skills, and his disciplined ventures. He is all about creating change towards better circumstances for everyone.

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