Jurgen Klopp warns stars not to have a problem with squad rotation

Klopp will know this Liverpool squad is capable of challenging for the Premier League title

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has issued a warning to his star players – if you have a problem with being left out of the team, you have a problem with me.

Klopp has the best squad at his disposal since arriving at the club in 2015, with many fans believing they can challenge Manchester City for the Premier League title all the way.

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That will mean some tough selection decisions for the German. However, he believes players must be understanding of the situation in the months to come.

“Whatever happens on August 31, it is clear that is the squad for the next four months until January… but I cannot make people happy,” Klopp said.

“Who cannot be happy being part of the squad at Liverpool, I cannot help. What I can do is say everyone who trains on his highest level has a big chance to be an important part of the team, to stay in the team and all these things. That makes us happy.

“If someone has a problem with it, he will have a problem with me because he does not respect the situation.

Liverpool cruised past West Ham in their Premier League opener last weekend

“There are more difficult things in life than not being in a match squad for a day. There are much more difficult problems in the world

“I see it like that and you always have a chance to change the situation when you are part of the squad. It is not about my decision.

“I made the last decision of yes or no (in the side). but before that there are plenty of things that the players are responsible for. That is not a problem.

“The ideal size of the squad is 11 and no one injured. Then they are all happy – a little bit exhausted but all happy. If you have 12 then you already have one who asks, ‘why am i out?’ That is how it is.”

Liverpool began their league season with a thumping 4-0 win over West Ham and they next take on another London team, Crystal Palace, at Selhurst Park on Monday night.

Liverpool fans may have just seen their team reach another European Cup final, but it’s the league title they truly crave. The Merseysiders ruled English football in the Seventies and Eighties, but then watched as their great rivals Manchester United dominated for two decades. Sir Alex Ferguson’s Reds even overtook Liverpool’s number of league title wins.

But Ferguson eventually retired, and Liverpool instantly came within a whisker of the title under Brendan Rodgers in 2014. Now they seemingly have a big chance again of becoming kings of English football for the first time since 1990.