'It's just my dad... chill': Twitter finds teen who dramatically shut down her father at Dan Crenshaw's victory party

Ellie Delgado’s dramatic reaction was caught on camera on election night, and it went viral. (Photo: Getty)

A teenager has gone viral for shutting down her dad at Rep.-elect Dan Crenshaw’s victory party.

Ellie Delgado attended the celebration for the Texas Republican on Tuesday night and made quite the scene.

No big deal, right? Teens make scenes all the time. Unfortunately, this one was caught on camera. In the background of a network’s election coverage, Delgado can be seen standing with an older man and another young woman. The man says something to Delgado, and her reaction is priceless. Her smile disappears as she turns to him abruptly. Then her jaw drops, she waves him off dramatically, and she storms off, leaving the man looking confused yet slightly amused. All of this is beautifully broadcast for the world to see.

And she’s not alone. The other young woman reacts too — a little less dramatically but equally amusing.

One viewer caught all this and posted the clip on Twitter, hoping to find the young woman responsible for such a stunning shutdown.

The post went viral, attracting more than 90,000 likes and 27,000 retweets. In the hundreds of comments, some attempted to read the man’s lips, and others joked about what he could have said to elicit such a response. Most assumed the man was coming on to the teenager with a pickup line worthy of a repulsed reaction.

It took less than 24 hours to find the young woman in the video — and she shut Twitter down just like she did the man. Ellie Delgado responded to the person who originally posted the video with a short and snappy explanation, revealing that it was just her dad, not a creepy man.

The best part is what he was talking about: a woman he wants to date.

That explains her disgusted reaction, and Twitter agrees.

Some Twitter fathers can relate.

With that, the case of the dramatic teen at a political celebration is closed.

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