Justin Bieber Speaks Out About His New Fragrance 'Girlfriend'

Justin Bieber Speaks Out About His New Fragrance 'Girlfriend'

Justin Beiber has been out and about talking out about his brand new scent Girlfriend this week much to the joy of "Beliebers" everywhere. The fragrance follows hot in the footsteps of Someday – his first olfactory venture, whose annual sales reached a whopping $39 million in its first year.  “Girlfriend is kind of a more mature version of Someday,” Bieber told WWD on Monday, “It has some of the same scents to it, but older. It’s going to be a great fragrance, and I think people are going to like it a lot.” 

Indeed, on on Sunday night, it is rumoured that more than 200 fans camped outside Macy’s, on 34th Street New York to get their hands on the fragrance, which is full to bursting with notes of pear, mandarin, blackberry, jasmine and orange blossom to conjure up the perfect air of “flirty sophistication,” though there is no news of when exactly the scent will launch in Blighty. 

Justin Bieber Speaks Out About His New Fragrance 'Girlfriend'

Celebrity fragrances are always a hot topic in the beauty industry.   Over the past few years the scent market has been flooded with a vast quantity of olfactory offerings from many of the world’s biggest models, musicians and film stars. The result?  Gentle murmurings by cynical types that there had been a marked turn from quality to quantity with of course lots of money making thrown in for good measure. Whether or not you agree, it’s certainly true that these scents have been bought mainly by fans of the star in question with much lesser appeal to the wider public 

More recently however, it has seemed that things are set to change in the celebrity scent market and Mark Tranter, Fragrance and beauty buyer at Selfridges agrees.  “Celebrity fragrance is most definitely set for a resurgence – the market seems to have had a thorough clean up and the calibre of the fragrances has been raised significantly”, he explains. “The new generation of celebrity fragrance seem to have very specific launch strategies, with strong marketing campaigns and a focus on the scent itself rather than just the celebrity.” All very interesting… Right?

Get a load of the celebrity fragrance facts below and let us know if you would ever wear a celebrity endorsed scent?

-          A million bottles of Britney’s fragrance sell each year in the UK - This works out as more than 2 Britney fragrances a minute!

-          The celebrity fragrance market currently represents 5% of the total fragrance market in the UK

-          According to Mintel (Women’s Fragrance report August 2010) one in eight women in the UK own a celebrity fragrance.

-          Beyonce Heat once took $75,000 dollars in a single day.

-          51% Of celebrity fragrance buyers are aged 18-34.

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