K-pop boyband GOT 7's member Jackson Wang gets bra from a fan in Holland

Sylvia Looi
GOT 7’s Jackson Wang was ‘gifted’ a bra by a fan during his performance in Holland recently. — Picture via Instagram/ jacksonwang852g7

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 10 — Jackson Wang of South Korean boy group GOT 7 got a brassiere from a fan during his performance in Holland recently.

Wang was on stage performing when suddenly the undergarment which was flung from the audience landed on the platform, reported Sin Chew Daily.

Initially curious, Wang was seen stopping in his steps before going nearer to inspect the item, before pointing his finger at it.

After realising it was a bra, Wang walked away and the undergarment was later removed by stage personnel.

This was not the first Wang was gifted with a bra as a similar incident occurred in July 2016.

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