K. Selangor Pas Youth cuts ties with PKR


SHAH ALAM: In an annual general meeting today, the Kuala Selangor Pas Youth division approved a motion to cut its ‘tahaluf siyasi’ (political ties) with PKR during the upcoming general election.

Its chief, Ahmad Hakimi Othman, said the motion was approved based on three factors.

"(Firstly), Muslim PKR leaders have been cynical towards efforts to strengthen the Shariah courts and have turned a deaf ear to the information and explanations that are given (in support of the move).

"(Secondly), their involvement in the Sungai Besar by-election was seen as an obvious betrayal of Pas as stipulated by the Syura Ulama Council.

"(Thirdly), the inability of the state government to resolve issues surrounding Air Selangor and Splash could drag Pas into a crisis of no confidence by the people.

“Based on these three issues, the tahaluf siyasi during the general election with PKR must end," he said in a statement.

Abdul Hakimi added that the motion may be unwelcomed by Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Azmin Ali, who may resort to sacking the three Pas executive councillors in the state government.

If so, his wing is ready to accept the decision, Abdul Hakimi said.

The three Pas executive councillors in the PKR-led state government are Datuk Iskandar Abdul Samad, Datuk Ahmad Yunus Hairi and Zaidy Abdul Talib.