Kai Ko is losing endorsement deals

Kai Ko is losing endorsement deals

22 Aug – Following Kai Ko's recent drug arrest, it was revealed that fast food chain KFC has terminated its contract with the actor, and several others are expected to soon follow.

According to Sina News, the actor's arrest has already caused a crisis with the 19 brands he endorsed, 12 of them global companies, including Quaker Oat, Mondelez International and Canon.

It was also reported that skin care label NIVEA is also considering terminating Kai Ko's contract, with insiders claiming that his commercial advertisements is in the risks of being halted and sales are expected to decrease.

If Ko loses all his endorsements, it also means losing more than RMB 6 million (approximately USD 980,000) in monthly endorsement fees. In addition, the actor may also be in the danger of being sued by these corporations as a result of his negative image.

Meanwhile, Enlight Media, the company which produces Kai Ko's upcoming movie "My Rival is Superman", stated that it has been editing the movie's promotional campaigns and will be releasing it in October.