Kai Ko will go to rehab

Kai Ko will go to rehab

4 Sep – It was revealed that Taiwanese actor Kai Ko has chosen to go to drug rehabilitation.

As reported on Sina News, the 23-year-old actor, who was just released from detention in mainland China on 29 August after being arrested under suspicion of using drugs, recently underwent another series of investigation with the Taipei authority.

Following a court hearing, which lasted more than two hours, Ko admitted to have taken drugs at least eight times in the past two years.

He also revealed to have used marijuana for the first time at Jaycee Chan's home in Beijing, and that all the drugs that he used were provided by the actor.

The "Tiny Times" star was asked to provide his hair and urine sample, and the result will be released a week subsequent to the submission.

According to officials, the actor has decided to delay prosecution and go into rehab of his own freewill.

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