Kallmeyer RTW Spring 2024

Welcome to Café Kallmeyer. For years people have been asking Daniella Kallmeyer to show her collection in a bigger way during fashion week. “My clothes are so much about being worn, how they interact with the body and the wearer. How they live in a person’s closet. Putting them on models, down a runway just felt so removed from the customer.”

Kallmeyer’s community of customers is key to her brand ethos, creating luxury pieces for people — many queer — who maybe have had trouble finding fashion for themselves. So then why not, in a very Kallmeyer way, invite her community into the conversation, staging a café-style presentation with models and friends of the brand in a tableau setting, complete with artists to sketch the looks.

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“We’re sort of at this inflection point,” she said. Her brand buzz may have been built on suiting but she has way more to offer, and staging a show was a natural next step to see the full breadth of what her brand has to offer to fill in the gaps of her customer’s wardrobe.

White was a driver, helping to show the purity of her work, like a satin maxiskirt with white sweater with an oversized waist and arm bands, a subtle monochromatic play on proportion, or a loose-fitting trench coat. “I wanted to go back to the basics and create a study in fabric and silhouette,” her show notes on a branded newspaper left for guests said. There is a stillness with her work; it helps the elegance in fabrication and nuance shine.

White head scarves, flip-flops and tote bags completed the looks, each timeless, lived in and real. Three words that can easily describe Kallmeyer’s expanding ready-to-wear offering.

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Launch Gallery: Kallmeyer RTW Spring 2024

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