Kamakura snow dome village attracts visitors in Japan

Liyama (Japan), Aug 27 (ANI): Some parts of northern Japan witnesses’ severe winter weather and unprecedented snowfall. Located in Nagano Prefecture, Liyama city has cleverly transformed those pesky heavy snows into snow dome or “Kamakura” restaurant. Visitors come here from across Japan to enjoy unique experiences and taste traditional dishes in the annual village of snow dome. The idea started twenty-two years ago when people used to shovel snow off road and pile it into empty field. To keep the kids entertained, they turn it into snow dome. Then the idea expanded to an annual festival to attract visitors. And with more heavy snowfall, the festival becomes necessary to get rid of the excess snow. But the process of building dome became easier thanks to clever idea. Visitors can enter the dome for free outside lunch and dinner. Later, these domes converted into restaurants. The cost of renting single dome is about thirty dollars for an hour and a half. It includes local delicious meal. In this nearby kitchen, women from the town prepare local dishes using mushroom, carros, miso sauce and meat. Then it is taken by staff to each snow dome. Project organizers are keen to present everything with local flavor so visitors can enjoy home dishes taste. Visitors can also stay until evening to enjoy dinner with another atmosphere in the place, through the lighting of candles around snow dome. Apart from this, there are lanterns to complete the unique tourism experience in this beautiful Japanese town.

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