Why the Kardashians aren't going to Brody Jenner's wedding

Caitlyn Jenner, Brody Jenner, and Kim Kardashian (Photo: Getty Images)

As Brody Jenner prepares to say “I do” to Kaitlynn Carter, he has plenty of family by his side. Brother Brandon Jenner will serve as best man at the Bali nuptials and his mom, Linda Carter, has been proudly posting pictures on social media of pre-wedding festivities.

However, the other side of his family is noticeably absent — including Caitlyn Jenner and the entire KarJenner crew.

So where is everyone?

Caitlyn Jenner: RSVP, No

Sources confirm to Yahoo Entertainment that she is unable to attend due to prior work commitments. It seems odd, considering Caitlyn is incredibly excited about her future daughter-in-law. She even posted about attending Carter’s bridal shower.

Caitlyn sources say there is no bad blood; however, TMZ reports Brody is extremely hurt. He has been vocal about the difficulties growing up Jenner and family drama may be keeping Caitlyn away. However, she does have work commitments, which will take her to Oregon, Austria, and New York — all of which are nowhere near Nihi Sumba Island, where the ceremony will take place. Caitlyn is apparently planning a party back in California for the newlyweds when they return.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner: RSVP … lost in the mail

Jenner’s half-siblings were invited, but didn’t bother responding — this, according to The Hills star himself.

“My two little sisters, we never even heard from them. They never even RSVP’d I don’t think,” he tells People. “We sent them an invite but we just never heard anything back. Well, they’ll be missed. I would have loved to have had them there.”

Both girls are clearly very busy — Kylie has baby Stormi to look after and Kendall might be entertaining a new romance — but the siblings aren’t that close. In February, Brody said it had been nearly two years since he and the Kylie Cosmetics mogul had hung out.

But come on … how hard is it RSVP “no”?

Kim Kardashian: Probably didn’t get invited

As they say, payback is a bitch and we’re guessing Brody and Kaitlynn were kind of happy not to extend the invite to the Wests. If you recall, there was a lot of drama ahead of Kimye’s 2014 nuptials when they didn’t give Brody a plus-1 for his then-girlfriend. (Brody and Kaitlynn had been dating about seven months at the time.) It was a diss Brody couldn’t get over and he skipped their wedding out of protest.

His feelings were still hurt one year later when he threw shade their way in a since-deleted Instagram post, writing, “Look…@kaitlynn_carter and I finally get to go to a wedding together!!!”

“I don’t know why Brody is still talking about this,” Kim explained on Keeping Up With the Kardashians in 2015. “We were very strict about our wedding. There were fewer than 200 people there. Everyone else respected that — it’s not a big deal. We love our stepbrothers. It just seems like they are always talking about this divide.”

Kris Jenner added, “Kim didn’t know if it was a girlfriend for five minutes or a girlfriend for five years. He just started dating her when we sent the invitations out.”

We know the Kardashian matriarch obviously didn’t get an invite — Brody has made it clear he’s not her biggest fan — but his dislike clearly bleeds over. Kim has other plans anyway … on Wednesday she’s meeting with President Trump.

Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian: Probably didn’t get invited

There hasn’t been a whole lot of drama between Brody and these stepsiblings, but the reasoning here seems simple — they just don’t seem very close. Remember in 2016 when he allegedly said the Kardashians are not his “f****** family“? Kourt and Khloé would fall into that category.

Brody did throw sympathy Khloé’s way after April’s Tristan Thompson cheating drama, but it’s not clear if these three have even spoken recently. If he hasn’t seen Kylie in years, it’s a good bet he’s even more distant from Kourtney and Khloé.

Rob Kardashian: Wouldn’t have gone anyway

It doesn’t appear that any Kardashians got an invite, but even if Rob did, let’s be honest … this isn’t where he’s going to make his big debut.

We have a feeling Brody will be just fine toasting his bride in a KarJenner-free environment.

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